Month: October 2018

holly harding

Finding Beauty Comes from Within

Meet Holly Harding, owner of O’o Hawaii, whose passion for achieving beauty both inside and out has named her as one of Hawaii’s 50 Fast Growing Companies 3 years in a row.  Her personal journey towards transformation both in mind and body led her to successfully launch a skincare line that integrates holistic measures with superfood level ingredients to achieve that special “glow” so many of us women long for…

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women's rights around the world

Why We Should Care about Women’s Rights Around the World

I have always said that there are 3 things I don’t discuss amongst
strangers or family and friends: money, politics, and religion. I don’t
like controversy, or hurt feelings, or truthfully any kind of heated
discourse. It is not because I don’t stand for something. Trust me, that is
far from the truth. I’ve just never been a fan of argument or antagonism…

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MayCay Beeler

The Original Flygirl MayCay Beeler

The Original Flygirl MayCay Beeler is true trailblazer for the women’s empowerment movement. MaCay Beeler impresses us with an interminable list of accomplishments. This record-breaking female pilot started a program specifically to empower women. Since currently only 5% of the pilot population is female..

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Toni Desrosier

Toni Desrosiers Entrepreneur, Innovator, and Dreamer!

Meet Toni Desrosier, founder of Abeego: the first producer of Beeswax food wrap. Toni had a vision to create a product that would preserve food in the same way nature does. By having this living, breathable skin, food stays fresher longer AND helps to reduce our eco footprint…

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