3 Ways to Identify a Healthy Friendship

Friendships differ. You probably have a unique relationship with all your friends. A friendship could vary from a casual acquaintance to a romantic partner, thus the use of adjectives describing what type of friend they are (boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, etc.) What’s more important than the type of friendship, is the quality of the friendship…

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Scarlett Rocourt

Have a Good Hair Day, Everyday!

Want to have a “good hair day” everyday? Now you can thanks to Scarlett Rocourt, founder of Wonder Curl! Scarlett created Wonder Curl after she decided to let her hair go natural. She saw a huge need for a product that would let women embrace their curls without looking frizzy and out of control…

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to do list

What to do about a To-Do List

A constant disturbance in everyone’s life is being overwhelmed. This engulfing feeling of being on the brink of losing control, leads to extra stress in our busy lives. Everyone deals with the multitude of responsibilities in their lives differently…

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Emma Mable

An Eco Warrior on a Mission to Reduce Plastic Waste

Meet Emma Mable, founder of Mable Brush.  Emma is a woman who saw a problem in the world and decided to do something about it! During her travels she noticed the awful impact plastic waste is having on the environment….

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never too pretty to vote


The United States Congress passed the 19th Amendment of the Constitution granting women equal voting rights on this day in 1920. At times we may forget the true power of this right. This amendment allows for women to have their voices be heard. To have opinions that matter. True empowerment

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Liz Carmouche

A Warrior on Both Sides of the Octagon

Liz “Girl-Rilla” Carmouche not only is she a UFC fighter, but she is a yellow belt in Kenpo karate, a purple belt in Brazilian Jui Jitsu, AND she has served 3 tours of duty for the US Marine Corps!  I guess that explains her “Girl-Rilla” nick name…..

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Ashley Sanford

Ashley Sanford: Fast, Furious, and Female!

Ashley Sanford is an NHRA Top Fuel Nitro Pilot. Sounds fast and furious,
right!  This trailblazer, is a literal trail blazer…as in drag racer, as in
an acceleration contest between 2 vehicles.  She is part of the National
Hot Rod Association which includes over 40,000 drivers on its rosters…

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Judith Samson

Bridging the Gap Between Comfort and Style

Judith Samson is on a mission to help women feel more confident and beautiful.  She founded Bra Bridge after noticing her own body changing over the years, and an increased difficultly in finding a well-fitted, flattering bra.

Already having her hands full being a mom to 3 teenage boys and a criminal defense attorney, she still founded Bra Bridge in order to help women everywhere gain self confidence.

Read more about how Judith manages balancing motherhood with being an entrepreneur!

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natural skin

Natural Skin for the Summer

Face your insecurity centering around your skin tone and learn to love your natural skin!

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A Beauty Industry Evolution

Our female founders this week have a passion for style and health. Nadine and Sandra have created a beauty line, NU Evolution, that gives women access to cosmetics that do not contain harmful ingredients. Their products are natural and organic but still inspired by high fashion and pop culture. NU Evolution represents the idea that … Continue reading A Beauty Industry Evolution

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