Bridging the Gap Between Comfort and Style

By : Brittanyrodrigue17
Jul, 18 2018
Judith Samson

Judith Samson is on a mission to help women feel beautiful and confident.  She founded Bra Bridge after noticing her own body changing over the years, along with an increased difficultly in finding a well-fitted, flattering bra.

Already having her hands full being a mom to 3 teenage boys and a criminal defense attorney, she still founded Bra Bridge in order to help women everywhere conquer a common problem.

Read more about how Judith manages balancing motherhood with being an entrepreneur!

1.Tell us about your company?

Bra Bridge is a company that was inspired to help women feel good
about themselves. I believe women will benefit greatly from the Bra
Bridge because it gives them a great shape, confidence and gets rid
of the unwanted parts of being large breasted; side-boob, the
bouncing and sagging while still wearing an attractive bra. Most
women I have come in contact do not want to wear the large paneled
bras with the padding to keep everything in place. The Bra Bridge
gives larger busted women the choice to wear a “normal” bra while
looking their best.

2. What/who  inspired you to start your company?

I created the Bra Bridge out of a personal need. After being a
criminal defense lawyer for 2 decades in the Twin Cities, I noticed
my body changing. Things weren’t as perky as before. Being a size
36D, my bust was not something I necessarily wanted to flaunt. One
day I looked in the mirror and pulled my bra cups together and
quickly realizes what a difference a simple fix can make, and the Bra
Bridge was born.

3. Tell us a story/incident that happened while starting or running your company that may have made you feel defeated. Now tell us how you overcame that.

My day is no busier than most women who own 2 business and a mother
of 3 teen boys. It starts out at 7:00 a.m. and goes until 10 p.m. I
have always been an organized well oiled machine. My responsibilities
include multiple court appearances a day at various court houses in
the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. In between court, I work on Bra Bridge
whether it’s reaching out to contacts, editors, producers of shows
for example, View my Deal. Being a lawyer and an entrepreneur are
entirely different businesses, yet all involve communicating in an
effective and concise manner.

Within the first couple of months launching Bra Bridge, a wonderful
article was written about us in the local paper and we got 200 plus
sales that day, then it slowly disappeared and this scared me to
death. I kept thinking who will ever buy Bra Bridge? Then I quickly
realized it’s a constant marketing effort, and a challenge.I have
never been the type to shy away from a challenges, in fact I strive
on it and always make it a mission to be the best I can be.

4. Have you had any unique challenges as a woman in business?

I have not experienced any downside being a female entrepreneur,
probably because I chose a market specifically geared towards women.

5. What is your biggest fear with your company and how do you overcome it?

My fear has always been I won’t succeed. I am hard on myself and
always challenge myself to be the best I can be.This business is no
different, failing is not an option.

6. Please share your best piece of advice for aspiring female founders.

My advice for others; I  believe in making lists based on priority
and getting everything done on the list. There’s no room for
procrastination when there are that many balls in the air. Don’t
ignore the advice of mentors, just pick and choose what is relevant
to you but take it all in. Develop thick skin, there are many no’s in
starting a new business.

7. What are your goals with the company?

My hope for Bra Bridge is that is recognized as a household name like Spanx.

Bra bridge is small product that has a BIG impact on women’s self esteem! Judith Samson is a true inspiration. Her drive and passion for helping others truly sets her apart.


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