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Dating App for Athletes

She Created a Dating App for Athletes Amanda McGrew came up with a great idea to connect athletes and her dating app launches this month! I have been friends with Amanda for about 3 years now and she is one of my favorite people! We connected immediately since we were both competitive athletes and coaches. … Continue reading Dating App for Athletes

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Leggings With A Story

The new PILOTs are leggings with a  story! Back in the Spring I was selected to attend an event called Project Entrepreneur in New York. Not only was I selected but my travel expenses were even covered!  The event was one of the best I have ever attended. I got to hang out with 200 … Continue reading Leggings With A Story

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no more night terrors

Reducing Stress -She Found a Way

Reducing Stress – Vicki Mayo Found a way! 1.What/who inspired you to start your company? My sweet 4 year old daughter suffered from night terrors. One day while talking to my mommy friend, Dr. Amy Serin, who also happens to be a neuropsychologist, I complained about how tired I was because my daughter’s night terrors … Continue reading Reducing Stress -She Found a Way

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slick chicks

Panties and Bras Easily Changed

Meet the founder and Chief Innovator Chick of Slick Chicks, Helya Mohammadian.  She has created panties and bras easily changed! Who has experienced trying to change their panties in the locker room before or after a workout and lost their balance?! So what happens when you lose your balance? you  catch yourself from falling by stepping … Continue reading Panties and Bras Easily Changed

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sandy farmhouse

Hand Painted Signs and Woodworking Brought Together

Hand painted signs and woodworking brought together by Amanda McGrew. Who said Wood Shop was just for Boys?!   The Sandy Farmhouse was created in December of 2015 by Amanda McGrew.  “The name “The Sandy Farmhouse” came as a combination of my two favorite styles – coastal and country. Most of my pieces offer a … Continue reading Hand Painted Signs and Woodworking Brought Together

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