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Jen Gurecki, Coalition Snow CEO

“World Domination” – Never Too Lofty a Goal for CEO of Coalition Snow

When skis and snowboards became her thing, Jen Gurecki didn’t let this male-dominated industry stop her from making some “kick ass” goods that redefined outdoor winter sports and gear for women. Recognizing the double edge sword that women face in business…

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Maggi Thorne

Ignite Hope with Maggi Thorne

Too Pretty interview with ambassador, Maggi Thorne

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Tiffany Bias

Tiffany Bias Tackles Women Empowerment

Tiffany Bias speaks to us about what it was like being a woman in a male-dominated profession.

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cary williams

An Inside Look By Cary Williams

Our founder and CEO Cary Williams, discuses what it means to her to have such a close-knit group of  women in the Too Pretty Community. Cary started our ambassador program  to inspire girls/women to follow their dreams…

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to do list

What to do about a To-Do List

A constant disturbance in everyone’s life is being overwhelmed. This engulfing feeling of being on the brink of losing control, leads to extra stress in our busy lives. Everyone deals with the multitude of responsibilities in their lives differently…

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