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Self-Esteem in an Instagrammed World

WE ARE MORE THAN OUR LOOKS Scrolling through Instagram is a daily activity for me. I open that app more times a day than I’d like to admit. My feed is full of people sharing their lives for the world to see. Friends from high school, old co-workers, reality stars, YouTubers, celebrities… And there’s usually … Continue reading Self-Esteem in an Instagrammed World

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too pretty foundation

Too Pretty Foundation

It’s official! We just received our 501(c)3 nonprofit status for the Too Pretty Foundation! This means that part of our proceeds now go into the #nevertoopretty fund and allow girls and women to apply for assistance with expenses related to making their dreams come true!  A dream can be competing in snowboarding.  A dream can … Continue reading Too Pretty Foundation

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What Makes YOU a Woman?

What does it mean to be a WOMAN? The question may seem simple. But is it really? We are all so different. There isn’t a way to create one definition that encompasses all of us. March 8th is International Women’s Day; a day where we celebrate everything about women. We recognize and appreciate what women have … Continue reading What Makes YOU a Woman?

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face your fears royal blue tank

Billion Dollar Buyer Update

Now for our Billion Dollar Buyer update! If you watched the show you know we got a deal for Too Pretty!  On the show you will see that we got a 20K order from Tilman Fertitta and the black outfit would go into the Golden Nugget Las Vegas.   This is all accurate except we ended … Continue reading Billion Dollar Buyer Update

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Embrace Your Different t-shirt grey

Embrace Your “Different”

We just got in a couple of different lines which we know you will love! The motivational quotes on these shirts are not our typical “Love yourself” “Good karma” quotes, but we love those too:) No, these may be a bit more edgy, in your face messages that we need to hear and speak. FACE YOUR … Continue reading Embrace Your “Different”

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