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She’s the Bee’s Knees

Mikaila founded Me and the Bees Lemonade when she was just four! What started out as a fear of bees turned into interest and then into a passion. Mikaila uses her great grandmother’s recipe for flaxseed lemonade to create her product and then sweetens it with local honey. Her fun flavors include mint, ginger, and … Continue reading She’s the Bee’s Knees

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Why We Shouldn’t Define “Pretty”

There was a lot of anticipation for Amy Schumer’s new movie, “I Feel Pretty”, both positive and negative. While you’re probably familiar with the plot, here’s a quick summary… A woman who struggles with self-esteem issues is in an accident that causes her to suddenly see herself as beautiful and confident, even though nothing has … Continue reading Why We Shouldn’t Define “Pretty”

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equal pay

Girls Can Fight… For Equal Pay

Work. We all know girls can do it just as good as the boys. Every day, women are breaking the glass ceiling and proving to the world that gender stereotypes of women being less capable than men are just wrong. Women have fought hard and made great strides in all areas of the career world. … Continue reading Girls Can Fight… For Equal Pay

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Self-Esteem in an Instagrammed World

WE ARE MORE THAN OUR LOOKS Scrolling through Instagram is a daily activity for me. I open that app more times a day than I’d like to admit. My feed is full of people sharing their lives for the world to see. Friends from high school, old co-workers, reality stars, YouTubers, celebrities… And there’s usually … Continue reading Self-Esteem in an Instagrammed World

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too pretty foundation

Too Pretty Foundation

It’s official! We just received our 501(c)3 nonprofit status for the Too Pretty Foundation! This means that part of our proceeds now go into the #nevertoopretty fund and allow girls and women to apply for assistance with expenses related to making their dreams come true!  A dream can be competing in snowboarding.  A dream can … Continue reading Too Pretty Foundation

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