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Dreams mean nothing without action
— Cary Lee Williams

The Too Pretty brand was created out of my experience in a male dominated sport: Boxing.

As a fighter I was told often that I was Too Pretty to be a boxer. Which really meant in their mind, that I was not capable.

Fast forward 5 years and it dawned on me that I was not the only girl/woman experiencing these comments. There were business owners, surfers, managers, race car drivers, writers, bodybuilders and the list goes on!

I launched the Too Pretty brand in late 2015 with a few lines of T-shirts and halter tops. They were a hit (no pun intended)!

I have thought lately about what my purpose is. I have come to the conclusion that it is to touch as many girls and women as I can and empower them. I struggled with finding my mother's purpose here given that she died at such a young age.

Maybe her purpose was to bring me into this world.

Please join me in spreading the #nevertoopretty message and be a part of our great female community!

Our mission with the #nevertoopretty movement and message is to empower and support our great female community!