Black Boxing Hand Wraps The Stables


These black hand wraps with white logos come in 180 inches for adult boxers. These are The Stables wraps which is where the Too Pretty founder trains folks.

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Black Boxing Hand Wraps with white logo.  180in
Solid construction with velcro closure

If you are going to hit the bags, you need to be hitting them with these black and gold beauties! As soon as you wear them people will ask where you got em!

  • Elasticated hand wraps
  • Stretch Cotton for an unmatched comfort
  • Velcro fasteners for a perfect fit
  • Ultimate hand protection and support

Whether you’re an amateur or professional, you need the best protection for your hands and that starts with high-quality Venum hand wraps.

Hand wraps protects your muscles, joints and tendons from punishing use while hitting a heavy bag or your opponent


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