Hit Halter

Hit Halter

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The Black Halter with the powerful phrase "Never Too Pretty TO HIT" lets the world know that you support the movement and are a part of it!are strong and powerful! Whether you are hitting the bags, your opponent or hitting the throttle, this halter is all you!
What are you Never Too Pretty to do or be?

A soft blend of cotton and spandex fits perfectly and the purple print pops off the front! We are loving the purple and black combo!
Looks great working out or just hanging out with your friends. Show everyone that you are Never Too Pretty to do anything!

  • INCREDIBLE COMFORT: If you're looking for apparal that is soft, light, and flexible, you've come to the right place. Each item is carefully constructed with a detailed eye on each knit and weave.

  • STAY STYLISH: Even when you're relaxing, comfortable, or active, you still want to look good. Get the threads that will make you look like the hottest chill person out there.

  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: The manufacturing of this item created virtually no waste. Anything that was left over was either recycled or repurposed because we know how important the environment is to you and our future.

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