Muscle Tee Antique Gold Gangsta

Muscle Tee Antique Gold Gangsta


This antique gold Muscle Tee has the popular Gangsta print . Are you a sweet, kindhearted GANGSTA!  This phrase came from someone describing our founder.

A soft cotton-blend that is cute and comfy. The neck line is just the right height. Tie it in a knot, tuck it our or leave it out. Wear this with your leggings or some jeans to make a statement!

  • INCREDIBLE COMFORT: If you're looking for apparel that is soft, light, and flexible, you've come to the right place. Each item is carefully constructed with a detailed eye on each knit and weave.

  • STAY STYLISH: Even when you're relaxing, comfortable, or active, you still want to look good.

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