Financial Coaching for the Millennial

Financial Coaching for the Millennial is what the Invibed concept was originally created for.
Meet Dani and Korrie the founders of Invibed, a DIY approach to getting solutions for money problems and start working toward your goals. In a nutshell they are helping young professionals get their financial sh*t together!
  1. What/who inspired you to start your company?  
Dani:  While working on Wall Street, I was managing money for individuals with more than $25 million in the bank and making six figures doing it. At the same time, my friends were coming to me for financial advice. Even though they had impressive degrees and killer jobs, many of them were living paycheck to paycheck, struggling with student loans or credit card debt, and were baffled by the entire concept of investing.


I wanted to give them somewhere to turn for help but couldn’t think of a good solution. Most advisors require that their clients have a minimum amount of money saved (usually $100k+). But most people in their 20s can’t possibly have that much saved, and the “lower-end” options don’t offer the best quality. The industry has created this “gap” where young people can’t get the financial attention they need when they need it most.

That didn’t make sense to me so I quit my job on Wall Street and created Invibed to serve as a place where young professionals who weren’t ready to work with an advisor could get the education and advice they needed to stop stressing about money and build a solid future.
  1.  Where did you grow up? What was your childhood like? 
Korrie: We both grew up in South Florida and our parents worked full-time so we had really active childhoods. Sports, extracurricular activities, after-school programs... There wasn’t a lot of “down-time” which maybe equipped us to handle the fast-paced lifestyle we are living right now.

  1.  If you could have any super power what would it be and why? 
Korrie: The power to hit pause! Running a startup is a 24/7 job and I have this belief that if I could just stop time for a week I’d finally be able to wipe out my to-do list.
  1.  Tell us a story/incident that happened while starting or running your company that may have made you feel defeated. Now tell us how you overcame that.
Dani: A lot of people in the industry told us that millennials don’t care about money or their future, and we knew that to be untrue.

We are millennials and we care about our money and futures a lot – and so do our friends.

It was frustrating to hear experts tell us our idea wouldn’t work. But then we realized that if someone tells you that you can’t do something, it just usually means they can’t do it themselves.

We’re approaching personal finance in an almost DIY-way that is much more appealing to our generation, and very different than how the banks operate.millennial finances
  1.  Have you ever been underestimated simply for being a woman? Tell us how. 
Dani: It happens all the time. When I was starting my career in finance, someone very high up in the company told me, "You have more of a look for PR or event planning--why wouldn't you just go and do that instead? It would be a lot easier for you." It was my first week on the job and I was devastated.

At first, comments like that were extremely frustrating, upsetting, and they'd cause me to doubt myself whenever they happened. But today, I absolutely love it when other people underestimate me. Being underestimated isn't a weakness – it's a secret weapon. It's a lot easier to win when your competition doesn't see you as a threat.

6.Are you working on any upcoming projects you can tell us about?

Korrie: Wealth Coaching® is our 90-day bootcamp-style program where our clients get daily videos, one-on-one coaching, access to our portal, and a Financial Game Plan so they can get solutions to their money problems and start working towards their goals.

Originally we were going to leave it at that and then let our clients take things into their own hands, or if they were ready, go work with a financial advisor.

But many wanted to continue to receive coaching and progress reports even after they completed the program. So we decided to create The Double Comma Club™, which we are launching this month.


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