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We met Staci Brinkman, founder of Sipsby, at Project Entrepreneur in New York this Spring and after chatting with her about her company we knew she had to be a part of our Female Founders giveaway!
What/who inspired you to start your company?
Inspired by Birchbox, Sephora, Stitch Fix, and Ipsy, I started Sips by to make tea fun, accessible, and affordable for the U.S. I’ve been a tea enthusiast for almost five years (now full-blown tea-obsessed), and I was spending A LOT of time researching brands, tea types, and teas available in the market (at the store and online).  I also was spending more money than I would have liked on shipping each time I found a new brand I wanted to try, or a tea that a specific brand blended or brought to market. Also – being able to determine quality was a big pain point for me when all I could do is look online. Different brands source differently, and blend differently - it’s hard to tell (from a consumer perspective, online or at the grocery store) what you’re getting before you actually buy the full-size product at the store (talk about tea growing stale on your shelf because you ended up not liking it after buying 20 bags/sachets or 8 ounces of it!); or, you buy a 0.5 ounce sample online, spend $10-$15+ and hope you like it once it gets there.  Our goal is to take the leg-work out of all the time, and wasted money that goes into a tea-curious person or tea lover discovering teas they’ll love!  I’d love to learn more about how you value our service.
tea subscription box tea subscription box
Where did you grow up? What was your childhood like?
I grew up in Carrollton, Texas (north Dallas suburb). I had a happy childhood with two sisters (one my fraternal twin, and the other a year and a half older). We played sports together through childhood (softball, basketball, volleyball, soccer), and our Dad coached us playing softball for years. We were raised to be independent and to chase after our dreams. I’m grateful for that.
If you could have any super power what would it be and why? 
I’ve always wanted to freeze time like Evie from Out of This World (I had to google the name). Other than that I’d really love to fly.
Have you ever been underestimated simply for being a woman? Tell us how.
This is a tough question. I could spend time trying to articulate the acute instances of being underestimated, and describe a short list of overt instances – but  instead I’d like to encourage anyone reading this to focus on what you CAN do – not on what you couldn’t (for whatever reasons). I want to give my best energy to people and things that make me better and stronger or serve my goals and dreams, and I need to own my side in any personal or professional relationship that doesn’t improve me. To the people or things that haven’t served me well (and I haven’t stepped out early enough – because – let’s face it, it happens), I try to learn as much as I can, move on, and not look back. Forward-focus, achievement-focus.
Are you working on any upcoming projects you can tell us about?
www.sipsby.com :)
What are your goal with the company?
We want to become a Sephora for Tea, Coffee, Wine, and Beer (craft beverages), starting with our personalized Tea Subscription Service.
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