Children's Books With A Traveling Flare


Robin Barone creates Children's Books with a traveling flare! She wants children to know that we are all the same no matter where we live!

  1. What/who inspired you to start your company?

In 2010 a lot of children came into my life and I wanted to buy a book like the series that I created. I had always been a traveler, and at this time I was particularly traveling around the world and recording my adventures in my travel blog. It was always important for me to share my stories and experiences with people at home to show them that we are all fundamentally the same despite where we live!

  1. Where did you grow up? What was your childhood like?

I grew up in suburban Philadelphia in a large and tight knit Armenian and Italian household. Both my parents are children of immigrants who were raised to love this country and live the American dream - work hard, be active in the community, support one another. As children my parents took my brother and I on summer vacations ranging from Disney to Colorado dude ranches to the Jersey shore. My mom would spend all year saving for these trips and planning every detail out meticulously!

  1. If you could have any super power what would it be and why?

It would be the power to grant kindness to people around us. It feels like the world is increasingly angry and hostile. Neighbors are distrustful, friends are distrustful of another, and there is a general lack of kindness in our society. Although I am only responsible for how I treat others, I am aware of how my small acts of kindness impact others and their lives. I can imagine how impactful I can be if I can grant kinds to others around me!

  1. Tell us a story/incident that happened while starting or running your company that may have made you feel defeated. Now tell us how you overcame that.

The biggest challenge and incident that has affected me with my company occurred around the project management of my website redesign. My website redesign was a major marketing investment for my company.

I thought that I had figured out the perfect process to vet firms, but in hindsight I vetted their presentations and not the principals; I never checked the actual credentials or spoke with past customers. As the provider missed key deadlines and failed to respond in a respectful and professional manner to the process, my frustrations were channeled into anger and mistrust in all aspects of my life and especially the company. Once I accepted that I chose a firm that did not meet my needs, it was important that I took steps of action in a positive direction that would lead to my ultimate goal of a finished website!  I could not let these idiots derail my intentions and vision of my company. I needed to keep my focus forward!

1.Sought advice from trust sources

2.Recruited a team of people to help support me and my choices

3.Pitched and submitted an article to a major media source about what I wish that I knew in vetting my designer

  1. Have you ever been underestimated simply for being a woman? Tell us how.

In my prior life, I worked in real estate finance where I was one of a few women. As a woman, in order to survive you had to stand out as the best- the hardest working, most diligent, and most resourceful team member to be included. In hindsight, I accepted that as being the price of admission but it really wasn’t ok. Often I was being paid less and contributing the most. I later found out from a former boss that he preferred hiring women because they worked harder and did not push for unnecessary bonuses. I shrugged these comments off earlier in my life and in today’s world they are beyond frustrating. If only I had been less fearful, perhaps I would have asked or pushed for what I deserved more often than waiting for what I wanted to come to me!

  1. Are you working on any upcoming projects you can tell us about?

Yes! I am very excited for 2018. There are lots of exciting announcements ahead.

The first announcement ahead is the launching of our interactive website! We are working through kinks. Next in February, our first city book on Los Angeles will be available and then followed by a book on Washington, DC in April!

  1. What are your goals with the company?

My goal is to ultimately build a catalog of children’s book that use travel stories to teach curiosity. I would love for child to say that they were influenced or inspired by my stories!

For my company, we define success by the impact  we have on the next generation:

*Instilling a sense of curiosity in children

*Maximizing engagement among children of different backgrounds

*Establishing a tone of respect and compassion for differences among us



We will be giving away a mother/daughter set of our Never Too Pretty to be KIND tops along with Robin Barone's book, Where Is Robin.