3 Ways to Identify a Healthy Friendship


Friendships differ. You probably have a unique relationship with all your friends. A friendship could vary from a casual acquaintance to a romantic partner, thus the use of adjectives describing what type of friend they are (boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, etc.) What’s more important than the type of friendship, is the quality of the friendship. A  friend should be someone you can rely on, a person who will build you up and support you when you need it most. Therefore, from time to time, it’s important to check on these friendships to see if they’re healthy, reciprocal, and enjoyable. Once you have identified a friendship is unhealthy you need to decide if it is best for you to go separate ways, or if you can work together to rectify the relationship. Here are 3 ways to identify if your friendship is healthy:

  1. You feel supported when speaking to them. This does not mean that a friend should “always agree with you”, since some of the best friendships are when that person isn’t afraid to tell you the truth, rather you can trust that when you open-up, they will be honest but not attack you personally                                                
  2. The friendship should feel equal. While there will be times when one person may need more from the relationship, make sure it is not a trend. True friends support one another through tough situations, but always know that person will be there for them, if they need it.                                                                                   
  3. You can be yourself, or even a better version of yourself when that person is around. “Iron sharpens iron, if another person brings out positive qualities within you that you want to nurture, that is a sign of a good friendship. If the opposite is the case, the relationship may be toxic.

Friendships may grow or change over time. While true life-long friendships may vary in quality, it is not okay to hold on to a toxic relationship. Signs of an unhealthy friendship include bad feelings towards you, that person, or becoming a worse version of yourself due to the relationship.  If the friendship is unhealthy and that person truly is your friend, you will be able to work together by communicating which will improve the relationship. This means you must be open, listen to them, and try to understand their feelings. Then explain your perspective and determine together what you can do to fix the friendship.  

An important lesson for us all, is to treat everyone as if they are your friend. We must support each other. Even if you cut off a friendship because it’s toxic, you should continue to wish them the best, and even consider helping them if they reach out for assistance. Everyone goes through hard times and we all make mistakes. If we all support each other without an expectation of reciprocation, the world would become a better place!

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