An Inside Look By Cary Williams


Our founder and CEO Cary Williams, discuses what it means to her to have such a close-knit group of  women in the Too Pretty Community. Cary started our ambassador program  to inspire girls/women to follow their dreams! Growing up and through her early 20's, Cary had very few women in her life, she is now profoundly moved to have connected with so many incredible ladies from around the world! Read more about Cary's journey to establish the Ambassador Program, and what's next for the future of Too Pretty Brand! 1) What does the Too Pretty ambassador program mean to you?

First thing I want to say about the Ambassador program is that it IS NOT about followers, likes, makeup and modeling! A young woman messaged me personally on Instagram last year when we started the Ambassador program and it broke my heart to read. She wrote about how she didn’t know if she was popular enough or pretty enough to be an ambassador. She also mentioned that she had lost followers that week and that it made her sad. She then said that she felt it was her fault since she doesn’t post great pictures or interesting stuff. WTF!

How did Instagram become something that controls our lives? We all need to wake up and realize that a social media platform is meant for sharing moments you want to share and a way to potentially help others by sharing your experiences and experience. USE IT, DON’T LET IT USE YOU!

Our Ambassador program means everything to me! It shows the world that there are amazingly strong girls and women out there who are smashing the gender box and leading by example. I wanted to see our female community DOING, not BEING!

I was not put on the cover of a magazine for being pretty. I was put there because of what I have done and what I do. What are YOU doing??


2) What inspired you to start the program?

I came to the realization pretty quickly that I was not the only woman out there who was told she shouldn’t do something because of her appearance. There are barriers we come across and some come in a verbal way. We have to be strong enough to ignore that and follow our passions, dreams and calling! There are so many other girls and women in the world doing just that and I wanted to create a platform for them so that they could inspire the rest of our female community!


3) Why do you believe it is important for women to be a part of a female community?  

We live in a very competitive world and unfortunately that carries over into how we treat others. I experienced my own bullying growing up as I know many young girls do. Sometimes those girls don’t have anyone at home to tell them how to deal with it and to explain to them that it is an insecurity that the other person has that makes them do what they do. We need more awareness as to how we should work together as girls and women to become stronger individually and as a whole.


4) Do you have any stories or experiences about how the Too Pretty Community has positively impacted your life?

Before Too Pretty I had no idea what it was like to be a part of a female community. I was raised by my father as an only child and jumped into the sport of boxing in my 20s. Back then you may have seen one woman if any in the boxing club. I really had no women in my life and had very little female influence growing up. When I started Too Pretty several years ago, I had no idea how many amazing girls and women I would come into contact with! Experiencing their support and kindness truly made me realize that we are all connected and that I was missing out for so many years! It honestly makes me cry when I think about it.


6) What is your vision for the future of Too Pretty Brand and the Too Pretty Community?

I would love to see the brand grow enough to offer scholarships for girls and women in need of financial assistance to pursue their dreams. It would also be amazing to see all of our ambassadors giving back to their local female community by hosting a learning clinic teaching their specialty. Our young girls and women out there need role models and I want our ambassadors to be that!


7) Please share your best piece of advice for women and girls about overcoming adversity

Adversity is a funny word. It has a negative connotation but for some reason I see it as positive. I grew up with a lot of adversity and it ended up making me a stronger person who did not take anything for granted. Never use adversity as an excuse, use it as a tool to make you stronger and more resilient. Everything in our life that happens, has a purpose, even the worst of things. Embrace it, overcome it and use it as you fire! XOXOXO


If you are inspired by Cary's story and want to join Team Too Pretty, please look for our Instagram post this Sunday!!