Nothing Slows Down Angel Hardaway, Drag Racer and Too Pretty Brand Ambassador


Drag racing at top speeds isn’t a sport for the meek.  But Angel Hardaway took the lead to show that women are #NEVERTOOPRETTY to drive fast! This 20 year old woman believes so strongly in female empowerment and proving to others that the new term should be to drive like a woman! We sent a few questions to Angel, one of our very own Too Pretty ambassadors about her unique skills as a drag racer, and here is what she wants to share:

1) What does the Never Too Pretty Movement mean to you?

It means for the women that deal with bias situations are not alone and gives them the encouragement as well as gives a future for the next generation. It is a community for women at any age doing all types of male based sports to come together and show that gender shouldn’t matter, and females should be looked at the same.

2) Why did you want to become a brand ambassador?

I want to be an ambassador because I look up to the women before me in drag racing for powering through the sex barriers, and I want to be a part of a great movement doing the same thing for young girls that are watching me. I want to be a part of a brand who can connect me with other females that race so we can come together and come up with more ways to look bright in a blue-based world. Behind every successful woman is a tribe of women who have her back.

3) How do you "live" the movement of female empowerment?

I am one of only a handful of females that drag race near Nashville. I stand tall and never think about what gender is in the other lane. I live the movement every time I buckle into my car and pull out on the track knowing people have doubts about me winning. I work harder and harder to been seen the same way males do. When I am buckled up and helmet on, if you don’t know me you have no clue, I am a girl. My car doesn’t know who is driving.  But when I get out after a win and take the helmet off, you see people say “that is a girl”. I live in the movement from the moment when I crack a boys behind, and I can flick my hair like “oh yeah, you just got passed by a girl.”

4) What drives you to show others that women are just as capable as men?

With the lower number of females that drive against males, I want to raise the bar for women. I want to be the one who stands out. Racing is not a hobby to me. It’s a lifestyle. I want to encourage others while I do what I love. Its like the perfect job.  I enjoy making others happy and helping them overcome anything. My drive is others. My drive is the little girl that watches me. My drive is the 15-year-old angel who was counting down the days till I was able to race. My drive is to raise the numbers of women in sports worldwide.

5) Have you had any unique challenges as a woman in business, sports, etc?

When I am in the staging lanes getting ready for round one, I look around and most of the time I am the only female. My unique challenge is being the only female that my younger friends watch.  I want to be successful for the girls.  I am very hard on myself for that. When I hear someone say “oh she will be easy to beat”, I don’t normally listen.  And others shouldn’t either.  That win light doesn’t know what you are.

6) Do you have any stories or experiences about having to overcome biases in your life?

My experience as a female racer isn’t bad.  I just wish more females would join me. Men will forever look at me different.  I don’t think about what I go through.  I think about how I handle it. I have haters. I have people who look down on me.  But the only thing that matters are showing them up and making a statement that it shouldn’t matter what gender you are.

7) Please share your best piece of advice for inspiring the next generation:

My advice is to challenge yourself.  Men look at women to fail in sports. Smile through the hard times. Don’t let the dudes know you struggle.  They live for that. As a woman, you are brilliant, beautiful, brave and so powerful. You need to believe you can do it, have faith in yourself, and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t.

Thank you, Ashley, for sharing your experience and motivating women all around you to go for it...FULL SPEED AHEAD!

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