Boxing for Women – Never Too Pretty To Box!


Boxing for Women – Never Too Pretty to Box! Have you always wanted to learn how to throw a proper punch? Well here is your chance! Subscribe to CaryWilliamsBoxing on YouTube to learn everything from a one-two to a bar room brawl combination. Check out this video on how to throw a simple boxing combination, Boxing Combo of the Week!

Having self defense skills are not just about being able to Kick Ass! These skills enable you to build confidence and confidence is self defense! As a boxer you learn how to see what is around you without having to even turn your head. This is extremely important when you are getting into your car, into an elevator or even stepping into or out of your house. Awareness is key!

Beginners can learn from this video and there are many more on the channel that start you from the floor-up! Also check out the Fat Burning Circuit Workout that can be done in 15 to 30 minutes. If you are a fit chick from the fitfam, you can definitely incorporate this into your workouts. Boxing for women is empowering and fun! Most of these workouts can be done without gloves or a punching bag.


Get after it!