Building a Brand – Too Pretty for What??? By Jordan Beal (skatingfashionista)


Building a brand – TOO PRETTY FOR WHAT???

Girls often get mixed messages – messages to be strong and messages to be pretty. Cary Williams got those message and did something about it – she said it’s not either or – a girl can be strong and pretty at the same time.

Cary, a former Olympic style boxer, now owns several California boxing clubs, coaches at her club in Santa Monica, CA, and is building a brand, Too Pretty Brand.

As the skatingfashionista I wanted to know more so here’s what I found out from Cary.

SF: Originally your brand was “Never Too Pretty To Hit Like a Boy” when did you decide to expand to other sports?

The idea to reach out to other sports came from the simple idea that girls “hit” lots of things in a lot of sports, not just boxing. I starting thinking about girls hitting balls in soft ball, volleyball, tennis and many more. This led me to expand the idea of the brand to reach all girls/women in everything they do with strength, determination and grace.

SF: Is Too Pretty a non-profit? I love how you give back to the community and support athletes and teams – do you have a favorite success story to share?

I have created a couple of non profits in the boxing world and that is the idea I have for Too Pretty.

But with Too Pretty we need to generate revenue in order to give a percentage of that to support all of our sisters out there! We currently do small sponsorships for some young athletes but the goal is to do that on a larger scale. The biggest goal I have for the brand is to create a movement to allow all young girls and women to feel like they can do anything they put their mind to no matter what anyone expects!

SF: Too Pretty has a shop – I love when you’re able to combine passions like sport, fashion, and charity.

And I love that your clothes let others show what they believe – that girls can be strong & pretty. I think clothes like these start positive vibes that can lead to real change.

I’m torn between Shred Like a Boy & Too Pretty? Never. I’d have to go Too Pretty? Never as my favorite because you never know what you’ll try next and I want girls to believe they can try anything.


Screen shot 2015-09-17 at 12.27.34 PM

What’s your favorite message current, past, or coming? And where can people get these shirts on the website & ???

My past favorite was “hit” like a boy because that was where the brand started, my current favorite is “be a boss” because it encompasses so much more than one sport or activity.


Screen shot 2015-09-17 at 12.30.17 PM

There will be a new “crush it” line coming out before Christmas which may become my new favorite because it is a bit more aggressive!

The online store at has all of the gear and we will be adding some new lines such as “sweat” and “crush it” along with a vintage print. Items will include long sleeved dolman tops, hoodies, sweatpants, beannies and fanny packs!

SF: Do you skateboard or want to try skateboarding – if so where & when are we meeting up?

I actually owned a very small pink skateboard when I was a youngster. I loved that little pink board! Of course, I was the only girl I knew that even had one. I was surprised they made a pink one!

Problem was when I was growing up there weren’t any skate parks and I grew up in the “hood” so there were no empty swimming pools to shred in!

Hope everyone enjoyed this post – I am always excited to find girls doing & being the rad – please keep sharing where you get inspiration to keep it stylish on & off the board. More girls skate when they see girls skateboarding and all girls are stronger when we support each other!

& oh yes – I’m going to bug Cary to find that little pink board or just get a new one – too keep up with Too Pretty on Instagram just click here.

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