Cary Williams of Too Pretty asked to speak at event honoring first female NFL coach

Cary Wlliams will be the keynote speaker at Titans of the Trade event the morning of the Mayweather fight at MGM in Las Vegas. The first female NFL coach will be honored at this event. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Sept. 10, 2015 caryheadshot

Cary Williams will be Keynote Speaker at Titans of the Trade. Where Dr. Jen Welter is an honoree. Floyd Mayweather will be fighting his “last fight” this Saturday at the MGM in Las Vegas and his Promotions company has asked Cary Williams to be the keynote speaker at their Titans of the Trade event, (link) the morning of the fight. In attendance and an honoree of the event will be Dr. Jen Welder, the first female NFL coach.

So what does a woman who has been on the cover of fitness magazines know about boxing? Cary is no stranger to the world of boxing being a fighter herself, an Olympic level boxing coach as well as a boxing promoter in California. She also created the Knocking Out Obesity Tour that travels to 10 of the “fattest” cities in the US (according to Men’s Fitness list, and conducts non-contact boxing clinics to middle school students. The first tour reach nearly 8,000 students.

To further support and empower young girls and women, Cary created the brand Too Pretty for females in sports and industries dominated by men. The first tag line included “Never Too Pretty To Hit Like A Boy” “Shoot Like A Boy” “Lift Like A Boy” and “Shred Like A Boy” with new lines including “Never Too Pretty To Be A Boss” All lines encompass the idea that girls can do what boys do and still be feminine.

“I created this brand because I was told that I boxed like a boy. It was the best compliment I ever received “Williams has worked with hundreds of young girls teaching them boxing, but the biggest lessons they have learned from her is that they can be strong and feminine at the same time.

Cary Williams is a world-class boxer, Olympic Level boxing coach, cover model, philanthropist, writer and fitness expert based in Santa Monica California. She has been recognized by The California Legislature and several other women in sports for her contribution and impact on girls’ sports.