Choosing Resilience When Reacting to Change

How do you deal with change? Change of plans - big or small. I'm talking about moving, changing jobs, heck, even getting a new appliance that has so many bells and whistles that you need to YouTube how to use it.  What happens when a friend cancels on you, a relationship goes sour, you get a new medical diagnosis, or (gasp) your drink of choice at your coffee shop is SOLD OUT!  How do you even start your day after something like that?

Some of these "changes" seem trivial and some can be rather catastrophic.  Some of these changes affect not just you, but a lot of moving parts.  So, stop and take a deep breath because how you react to these changes can ruin your day, your relationships, your life.  

You cannot control every circumstance.  Life does not work that way, and you'd be spinning your wheels if you tried to drive the bus all the time.  It's futile, a waste of energy and time.  But, what you CAN DO is control how you REACT.  Do you throw a fit at the barista or do you try another drink that sounds interesting?  Do you quit your friendship or do you take that time and go anyway even if it means watching a movie alone?  Do you curse at your washing machine (well, ok, maybe a little cursing is ok in this scenario), or do you take a deep breath and tackle the bells and whistles one at a time?

What I'm talking about here is RESILIENCE.  Keep your cool.  Watch what you say.  Take a deep breath.  And be open-minded.  Easier said than done.  And yes, you can give yourself permission to be a little bummed out, maybe vent a little bit, but MOVE ON.  

5 Tips When Reacting to Change

Here are a few things I think about change when is coming:

1. Will I regret what I might say or do?

2. Is my plan B life-altering?

3. Not every change in plans is intentional. Things happen and maybe for the better.

4. What's the worst that can happen if I deviate from my "norm"?  

5. And given this day in age, does I really need to put every grievance on social media?

Stay Positive

My final thought...let's turn lemons into lemonades.  You just never know what doors might open, what new friendships may flourish, or what you might learn about yourself.  And most importantly, pat yourself on the back because being open to change in a resilient way is powerful!