Embrace Your "Different"

We just got in a couple of different lines which we know you will love! The motivational quotes on these shirts are not our typical "Love yourself" "Good karma" quotes, but we love those too:) No, these may be a bit more edgy, in your face messages that we need to hear and speak.

FACE YOUR FEARS is a message that rings true in our founders life and one she lives by. We all have Fears and it is important to stand up to them and conquer them! Live is not all roses and sunshine but we can do our best to make it that way!

EMBRACE YOUR DIFFERENT is another message our founder lives by. Being teased as a child, she knew that she was different and that seemed to make others feel uncomfortable. Just know that your"different" is your asset! Others feel uncomfortable because they their own limitations they need to deal with. 

We hope that you love the new tops as much as we do and spread the message to your community by wearing them with pride!

There are several to choose from and the T-Shirts do come in youth sizes as well!

muscle teegrey tee