Fit Mom and So Much More! The Beauty in Strength


We have been working on The Beauty In Strength book this month and have come up with some amazing images and stories!Here is a small excerpt from one of the individuals featured. She is a fit mom and so much more!

Tatiana Mone In 2015 I was blessed to give birth to my beautiful baby girl. With her arrival priorities have shifted. My first goal was to get back to my fighting weight so that I could be healthy for her. With proper dieting , exercise and sheer stubbornness I was able to get in the best shape of my life in less than a year. Today my goal is to inspire and equip others with the tools that were given to me. Drive, determination, character, and service are at the core of what I strive to teach. Many times as women we feel we have to loose ourselves when we become mothers. Well, nothing is further from the truth. Being a mother, a woman is the greatest superpower in the world. You show me a determined woman, I will show you an overcomer.

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