Girls Can Fight... For Equal Pay


Work. We all know girls can do it just as good as the boys. Every day, women are breaking the glass ceiling and proving to the world that gender stereotypes of women being less capable than men are just wrong. Women have fought hard and made great strides in all areas of the career world. However, recognition for these accomplishments only goes so far. There needs to be a tangible way to reward women’s hard work.

And that doesn’t mean a high-five or pat on the back.

It means that women should receive equal pay for equal work.

This seems like a “no duh” statement. It’s 2018. Wasn’t the Equal Pay Act signed fifty-five years ago? How is this still a problem?

Women earn, on average, $0.70 to the $1.00 men earn. There are many studies that list reasons for this gap, from women stopping their careers to become mothers to being discouraged from pursuing higher paying careers because they’re told it’s a “man’s job”.

According to a study by the Joint Economic Committee Democratic Staff, "as much as 40 percent of the overall gender pay gap cannot be explained by factors that would affect earnings and may be due to discrimination.” 

So not only women are penalized for being mothers and caregivers and pressured out of pursuing male-dominated careers, they are still overlooked and underpaid for one reason...

Because they are women.

Being a mother is one of the hardest jobs, period. Women are balancing work and children and are looked down upon when they can’t conform to a “normal” work schedule. When you’re a mom, a consistent schedule is not realistic. Women are seen as unreliable when they have a family because they have responsibilities outside of work that may take precedence.The leaders of the workforce need to recognize this and start making adjustments to accommodate mothers. 

Little girls are told that they can’t be CEOs or physicists or engineers because boys are smarter and better leaders. Most high-paying jobs in technology or business are taken by men, and women will shy away from these because society says they just aren't made to do that type of work. 

Well that’s B.S.

We need to start telling our girls and ourselves that women are capable of anything. Just because science and technology have been male-dominated fields in the past doesn’t mean women can’t take them by storm. 

Here’s the thing, though. Even in fields where women are the majority, there is still a pay gap. 

This needs to change.

But the only way that it will change is if we make our voices heard. Today is Equal Pay Day, and we need to shout so the whole world hears. Look for articles about this issue and share them on social media. Write to your representatives and tell them what changes you want to see. Check out to see the campaign that is driving this movement.

And don’t let it just be today. Every day should be an equal pay day. At Too Pretty, we want girls and women to feel empowered and strengthened in all areas of their lives. Our message to you today is you are smart, capable, and deserving of fair and equal pay. We want to empower you to fight for what is rightfully yours. You are never too pretty or too girly or too female to be right up there with the boys!

Share this post today and tell the world why, as women, we are #nevertoopretty to fight for what is ours.