Girls Who Lift and the Never Too Pretty Project


Mia, AKA, Picabo is 13 years old and an Olympic weight lifter.

Yep, you heard that right! Mia is an Olympic weight lifter. She got into lifting after being bullied. She knew it was a male dominant sport but she was not going to let that discourage her. She now loves lifting and understands that this sport is for everyone, male or female. She would like to spread the image of female lifters to hopefully encourage other females to start lifting and stop listening to people say – females should not lift – lifting makes you bulky – and it is a male sport. None of that is true.

Female athlete

Mia put together a #nevertooprettyproject in her hometown Columbus, Ohio. She talked about the campaign, what it means to her and then asked everyone to write on a board what they were Never Too Pretty to do or be.

Olympic weight lifter

Mia holds 5 Ohio Records 3 in 48 kg and 2 in the 53 kg.She just placed 3rd at the Arnold and hit a new PR in the Snatch

She is now raising money for Nationals. Link Below.