Ignite Hope with Maggi Thorne


Maggi Thorne is a force among women everywhere. As a Ninja Warrior 4x competitor, she inspires all of us to bring out our inner, female, fierceness. After completing college as a track and field athlete, she began promoting fitness by overseeing projects to build athletic facilities.  Maggi now spends her time traveling to inspire, help, and create sustainable solutions all around the world. Maggi is also a full-time mom with 3 children.  

1)What does the Never Too Pretty Movement mean to you? A strong community of women that are FOR each other, empowering, and standing alongside one fight: the fight to find our true self; living out our purpose despite opposition.

2) Why did you want to become a brand ambassador? The brand and its mission really caught my daughters’ eyes. As I watched them light up over the Too Pretty Movement, it aligned with my priority of inspiring future generations- specifically, females to live out their dreams and find the right community to do it in.

3) How do you "live" the movement of female empowerment? It is important to start by knowing the power of change, strength, and confidence is within us. It’s even more important to continue surrounding ourselves with people who help ignite it. A more specific part of my mission is with feedONE, a non-profit where $10 a month feeds and brings opportunities to a child. We recently launched an Ignite Hope campaign to help feed 200,000 children by 2020. More info can be found below! I have now traveled to El Salvador with feedONE to first hand see the power of $10 for a child and how something so simple can make a change. https://feedone.com/ignitehope/

4) What drives you to show others that women are just as capable as men? My number one driver is my faith. From there, it branches to Empowerment, Engagement and Entrepreneurship, specifically something with the Girl Scouts. We have been working on including a BOW patch girls can earn through those specific areas! It's not about women breaking glass ceilings, its seeing they can build their own buildings, communities, goals that are independent of trying to measure up to men because our value is so much more and fire burns stronger when we make it our own.

5) Have you had any unique challenges as a woman in business, sports, etc.? Being on Ninja Warrior, we compete on the same course as males, and as our community of ninja females grow in strength inside and outside, it has been a very inspiring message to audiences of all ages globally. We can be equal in strength. During my tenure at the Nebraska Athletic Department as the Associate Director of Capital Planning and Construction, 95% of the time I was surrounded by males and in a position of leadership in that role, but never sold myself short or thought I was incapable. Every moment of that job was an opportunity to Rise Up and see no barriers but building blocks to purpose.

6) Do you have any stories or experiences about having to overcome biases in your life? Currently, I am still working through the bias of a working single mom who travels for work, appears on TV shows, and is still a competitive athlete. I am in the position of being two roles: a full-time provider, and a stay at home mom, along with running a home and all the duties of keeping a house (and very energetic kids!) in order. Doing all of this on your own is a great challenge and one that is not easily explained to others. I have intentionally not pursued a "normal" 8 to 5 because of the day to day duties of taking care of my home and kiddos. Traveling every other weekend gives me the freedom when I am in town to take care of those priorities. Then life on the road is 100mph fitting in as much I can to trips. It is a season I am fully embracing of busyness and must draw strength often from God and my closest gal pals to keep my spark alive to serve not just my kids, but others. My life through social media looks like it is one on the road, full of excitement, but there is a lot of bias in that. My kids are not posted very much on my social media, there is bias in that. Sometimes I must miss a game or a practice for my kids, there is bias in that. When I hear from so many moms who are just worn out, feel judged, it truly hurts my heart that in 2018 people can hold such a bias when on the outside the world breath's encouragement, and to live your dreams, live inspired, go get those goals...but on the inside, there is judgment, condemnation and many people who want to knock you down from where you stand. This is why Too Pretty is important to me, this is why I push for people to have a strong community around them.

7) Please share your best piece of advice for inspiring the next generation: Take time to get to know yourself, what you REALLY love to do, what speaks to you, because in this your life will speak to others, because whatever that message becomes will be your story...but have grace on yourself along the way, mistakes will come, there will be bumps, but as each comes, turn them into stepping stones of strength. Never Give Up and Ignite Hope!