Lead Like Her – Creative Independent Women Inspiring Others


I fell upon #leadlikeher while I was sifting through the Too Pretty Instagram account.Lead Like Her is a platform for creative, independent women to tell their stories, inspire others and drive change in today’s society.

I looked at some of the women featured and was immediately inspired! As a matter of fact, one of my good friends and partner in crime working on The beauty in Strength book was featured as well! Martha Kirby is the magic behind this platform and one amazing woman herself! She is a digital specialist at Nike and exudes creativity. Lucky me….Martha gave me the opportunity to share a little about my story and the start of Too Pretty.

Please go to #leadlikeher on Instagram and follow them! Why? Because the women featured are extraordinary, creative, powerful creatures and I want to continue reading more from each one of them! Help to grow Lead Like Her so we can all continue to be inspired!