Leggings With A Story


The new PILOTs are leggings with a  story!

Back in the Spring I was selected to attend an event called Project Entrepreneur in New York. Not only was I selected but my travel expenses were even covered!  The event was one of the best I have ever attended. I got to hang out with 200 fellow female entrepreneurs for 3 days! A dream! We listened to lectures, ate fabulous meals together, practiced pitches together and left with a much better sense of our female community.

After leaving on the last day I stopped in Dumbo and met with boxing.mma sensation Heather 'The Heat" Hardy. We talked a lot about boxing, the struggle in the world of boxing as a woman and even about her beginnings and her daughter. It was a great way to end my time in New York.

As I was waiting for my flight at the airport I noticed a young woman sitting across from me wearing a pilot uniform. I was immediately impressed! Having had an experience attempting to fly a tiny little plane, I thought "This woman is a bad-ass commercial pilot!" I had to introduce myself and tell her how in awe I was of her. After chatting for a while about the airline industry I told her what I did and told her about the Too Pretty brand. She immediately loved the message and then she asked if we sold leggings. 

At the time we had the Retro leggings in production but they were not even available yet. She then said that she had been trying to find a specific style of leggings that was nowhere to be found. She sketched out what she was thinking and I told her I would tweek it out a bit and ask our manufacturer if they could send a sample. It took a few months before I actually pulled out that sketch and reworked it to send for a sample. I went back and forth 3 times before it was just right. Yep, our new leggings are those leggings. THE PILOT!

This pilot gave me her card and somehow I lost it! I promised her that if I produced them I would send her a pair.  Hopefully she sees this post and reaches back out so I can send her a pair of the leggings she was the inspiration for!

If you would like a pair we have them on pre-sale now. They are ready to ship on October 23rd!