Ivivva Partnered with Never Too Pretty


Ivivva Partnered with the Never Too Pretty Project and it was a HIT! No pun intended:) The first official #NEVERTOOPRETTY project happened in Santa Monica, CA. Ivivva is a Lululemon company with active wear for girls. Sixteen girls showed up for the event and got to learn some boxing moves. #NEVERTOOPRETTY project All future #NEVERTOOPRETTY projects will follow a similar format. One of our rockstar ambassadors will speak to girls about what Never Too Pretty means and then give the girls a chance to write on a piece of cardboard/posterboard what they are Never Too Pretty to do or be. After a discussion about their signs they will participate in a learning clinic. This clinic will depend on the ambassador's expertise. If you have a girls sports team and would like to do the #NEVERTOOPRETTY project with your team, please let us know. We would love to see every girl out there hold up an empowering sign that tells the world what their passions and dreams are. #NEVERTOOPRETTY project

We have a few projects planned for the next few months in cities around the globe! Stay tuned by subscribing to our newsletter at the bottom of this page