Olympics- Debbie Meyer Won 3 Gold Medals in One Game


Olympics – Debbie Meyer broke records at the young age of 16!

At the young age of 16 Debbie won 3 Gold Medals at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City, Mexico. Meyer is still the only woman in the world to win three gold medals in freestyle in a single Olympics

We had the honor of hanging out with Debbie and getting to know the woman behind the world record! She is a phenomenal swim coach and owns her own swim school in Carmichael, CA Her goal is to teach youngsters not only how to swim, but how to live life. All of the requirements to be great at swimming are similar to what it takes to live life in a positive and impactful way. Life skills it what some would call it. A former student of hers recently made a comment on Facebook saying that he absolutely loved her for teaching him how to swim. This was no ordinary student. This was a person who did not have all of his limbs and Debbie taught him to swim….. Just amazing and beautiful!

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Check out the PLAY line that Debbie wore during our shoot!