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Ninja Athlete Sara Heesen destroys the cultural norms of being a female athlete

Ninja athlete Sara Heesen proves both on and off the course that women are capable of anything we set our minds too! Sara is athlete in every since of the word. Strong, competitive, and disciplined. However, even being a top women in the field of OCR (obstacle course racing) she still has to deal with her share of comments concerning her physical and athletic ability. Sara doesn’t let these comments deter her from achieving her goals! Rather she uses each remark to break-down stereotypes on what a female-athletes “should” look like or how dedicated they can be to a sport. As Sara says in our interview “beauty is
in the eye of the beholder and I’m okay with my definition being different
than that of the majority”. Read more about Sara and how her amazing, positive attitude proves she is #nevertoopretty to be a “beast”!

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