The Future Is Female With Indo Love Jewelry


The future is female with Indo Love Jewelry!

Keeley Wolf is the force behind Indo Love Jewelry and we had the opportunity to ask her this month's Female Founders questions. Love for one of her inspiring bracelets coupled with a popular Too Pretty top for Friday's Female Founders giveaway!

What/who inspired you to start your business?

Indo-Love jewelry is inspired by a beautiful blend of yoga, the ocean and travel, and began about 6 years ago, after my first trip to Bali

, one of my favorite places in the world. Before then, I used to travel around the world buying from small artisan jewelers & clothing designers, and then reselling the goods when I returned home, to cover my expenses for my trip. (I had to do something with that International Business degree!!) Then, while in Bali, I got this intense desire for a tattoo, of a favorite quote and the Bali Om sign, but then I came down with Dengue Fever and changed my mind. (a whole different story). That's when I decided I could wear that quote (or others), everyday by hand stamping these words on jewelry. It's been a full-blown love affair ever since.
 I'm grateful every single day, for the life I live, for what I do, and the challenges and blessings I receive. Hearing a story about how a specific piece resonates with a customer really makes my soul shine too ;)

Where did you grow up? What was your childhood like?

I grew up in the Coastal Carolinas. Both parents owned their own businesses. My dad had a very successful fast food franchise and my mom owned a West Indies style furniture business.  They both worked so hard, but I saw the value of being your own boss early on. I went to UNC-Wilmington for college, and received a degree in International Business, while living 9 months a year in a gorgeous ocean front house in Wrightsville Beach, NC. With no rent to pay the other 3 months, I spent the summers studying abroad in Europe and Hawaii.  After graduation, I moved to San Diego, where I currently live. I can’t complain, I was and still am extremely blessed and I’m grateful for those experiences every day.

Tell us a story/incident that happened while operating your business that may have made you feel defeated. Now tell us how you overcame that.

I think I’m kind of in the middle of that right now. My business began with just myself, doing everything. Creating, production, marketing, SEO, the books; the works I guess. You know how it goes if you’re a one-woman shop. I’m hitting some growing pains now, learning how to open up and trust that others want to help and while they may never care as much as me, they bring skills and ideas to the table, and let’s be honest; You can’t be good at everything! Systematizing a business, while super important, isn’t the easiest thing to do when you’re used to running it a certain way. You must learn to duplicate and teach the process, and this can be extremely challenging. I’m reading a great book right now, called The E-Myth, which I’m beginning to apply to Indo Love.

Tell us something fun/unique about you that most people don’t know.

I ‘m an introvert, a yogini, and a beach bum, and travel as often as I can. (As I’m writing this, I’m currently in Phuket, Thailand). Working with nonprofits and other female business owners has been a huge passion of mine the past few years. I do a lot of collaborations with both, and most recently hand stamped 2,500 The Future Is Female cuff bracelets, helping to raise 1,000’s of dollars for Planned Parenthood.

Have you ever been underestimated simply for being a girl/woman? Tell us how.

I guess I’m pretty lucky, I haven’t experienced that much with my business, but I have definitely traveled to places where I wasn’t taken seriously at all because I’m a woman. Seeing how women are treated in other parts of the world really opens your eyes up. There are countries where women can’t even look a man in the eyes. WTF is wrong with the world???

What are you doing currently and what are your goals?

Every year, I choose a word to focus on and stamp it on a bracelet or a ring to see every day. This year my word is growth, and I’m excited to hire my first employees as well as work on tons of collaborations with like-minded female entrepreneurs. My goal is to continue to move in a direction of empowering women everywhere, through a means of uplifting jewelry and support for our female community as a whole. It’s time for the world to move  towards a more loving, nurturing and empowering women run world, so let’s make it happen!

Tomorrow at noon we will start the giveaway on Instagram and you will have 24 hours to enter. Good luck!