The True Meaning of Mother's Day


Mother's Day is fast approaching, and like the rest of us, you’ll probably wait until the last minute to grab a card. Going to the store during this time, it’s almost overwhelming to see how many there are to choose from. It’s easy to pick a heartfelt one that expresses “exactly” how you feel about your mom. Or maybe she has a great sense of humor, so you tend to go for the funnier ones. 

There’s bound to be one that will fit her perfectly.

What’s funny and altogether ironic about this practice is that the founder of the United State’s Mother's Day, Anna Jarvis, was against the giving of manufactured cards. After several years of it being recognized as an official holiday, Anna criticized Mother's Day for being too commercialized. 

She actually encouraged people to stop buying flowers and cards.

As founder, Anna had a right to express her dissatisfaction with the way the holiday evolved. But while her concern is valid, her later determination to lead protests demanding for it to be removed from the calendar may be a bit extreme. 

Yes, companies are profiting from the sales of Mother's Day essentials. However, it's important to have a day to celebrate and recognize these special women.

But when you look at the core of her argument, there's a point we should take away.

Mother's Day, in many cases, does become generic. The sappy cards, the typical carnations… there’s a process to follow now.

What Anna truly wanted for Mother's Day was to give people the opportunity to express heartfelt love for their mothers. She was highly in favor of handwritten notes as opposed to the pre-made cards from the store.

Anna didn’t want Mother's Day to become an obligation.

She wanted it to be an expression of love and thankfulness for mothers.

This Mother's Day, let’s take the opportunity to show our moms how much we truly value them. Let’s make a statement rather than just relying on a manufactured card with a generic poem.

If you slip in something personal with your gift and flowers, she will probably love that most of all.

At Too Pretty, our everyday goal is to bring women together, and on Mother's Day, we want to recognize the moms out there who are making a difference and supporting their children to be the best they can be.