Why We Shouldn't Define "Pretty"


There was a lot of anticipation for Amy Schumer’s new movie, “I Feel Pretty”, both positive and negative. While you’re probably familiar with the plot, here’s a quick summary...

A woman who struggles with self-esteem issues is in an accident that causes her to suddenly see herself as beautiful and confident, even though nothing has changed about her appearance.

There were a lot of mixed feelings about the film.

Some people saw it as an unrealistic commentary on society’s feelings about measuring the attractiveness of a woman. They say that Schumer does not accurately represent a woman who should have low self-esteem about her looks.

There was also criticism about the theme of the movie; a woman should be considered beautiful by the way she thinks of herself, not by the way the world perceives her.

People complained that this is not a realistic expectation of society. There are rules of attractiveness, and women are going to be judged by these, regardless of their confidence.

Here’s the deal...

Sure, it may be unrealistic to think that society won’t judge looks based on certain beauty standards.

But why does it have to be that way?

Just because something is difficult doesn’t mean it can’t be changed.

Yes, it can be hard to get past what society views as beautiful. But that doesn’t give us a pass to ignore it.

It’s a cheesy saying, but beauty IS in the eye of the beholder.

And the beholding starts with you.

We are constantly reminded that we are not meeting the beauty standards put in place by society. It’s so hard to ignore the way we feel when we see images of what we should “ideally” look like.

You’re probably thinking, “Well, what do I do then? It’s so much easier said than done to just feel pretty when I’m told that I’m not good enough.”

That’s a great question. And honestly, it’s really difficult to answer.

But it’s going to start with a change in perspective. And it’s not necessarily the way you view yourself, but the way you view other women.

We, as humans, have a tendency to judge others. A lot of times, because we feel insecure about ourselves, we compare ourselves to other women.

Rather than finding the beauty in everyone, we rank ourselves against other women:




Not only is that not fair to others, it’s not fair to yourself.

By changing your view on other women, you can change how you feel about yourself.

We need to support each other and build one another up. We need to recognize every woman for who they are and not what they look like.

Beauty is hard to define. And truly, there should be no set definition.

We all have our insecurities, regardless of what society says about us. Let’s come together and fight for change. It’s not something we can protest or call for a law to be written.

It starts with a look at ourselves and a look at how we treat and view each other.

Women face many obstacles. Let’s make sure that we are moving them not creating them.

You ARE pretty. That’s the truth.