Yoga Challenge and the #NEVERTOOPRETTY Movement

Yoga Challenge and the #NEVERTOOPRETTY Movement
Over a year ago Christin Blondin posted this photo of herself for our #NEVERTOOPRETTY campaign and now she is one of our amazing ambassadors! She has definitely upped her game!
Today she is hosting a Yoga Challenge on Instagram which will be followed by a Yoga/Never Too Pretty Clinic this Saturday in Florida!

Here are the details on how to enter:

 APRIL 4th – 7th** Attention, ladies, moms, daughters and the supportive husbands, brothers…you get the idea. Our amazing ambassador @chrissbot has created the #nevertooprettyyogachallenge
 Too Pretty Brand is dedicated to empowering women and girls to show they ARE capable and #nevertoopretty to do whatever they want!
 Each pose, which can be modified to meet your level of experience, will be paired with a descriptive word. When you post, we challenge you to tell us a little about what the  word for the day means to you! **FLORIDA PARTICIPANTS** this challenge will end with a yoga clinic in Orlando on April 8th! FOLLOW THE LINK at @chrissbot !! Five participants will get a special savings code and there will be two grand prize winners!
 To participate:
 1-Repost this
 2-Tag us all every day with your post
 3-Use the hashtag with your posts #nevertooprettyyogachallenge
 4-Participate all five days
 List of poses:
 Day 1 - Camel Pose
 Day 2 - Warrior
 Day 3 - Triangle Pose
 Day 4 - King Pigeon
 Day 5 - Goddess Pose

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